Garbage Disposal Problems

If you have any of the following garbage disposal problems, your unit needs repair or replacement. Please do not endanger yourself by attempting to repair your own garbage disposal, the sharp moving parts and power supply can be extremely hazardous. Call a professional plumber, to have it repaired safely and properly. And if you need a new one, you can be confident that your device will be installed correctly and will work properly, giving it a longer running life.

Your Garbage Disposal Has Trouble Turning On
First check the circuit breaker or fuse and press the reset button on a nearby outlet. If there is nothing obstructing the blades and the circuit hasn’t blown, your motor has likely burned out. If you frequently have to push the reset button or flip the breaker switch to get your garbage disposal running, the disposal has either gotten too old or you may have insufficient wiring for the unit

Your Garbage Disposal Takes Excessive Time or Jams Easily
A properly running Disposal should have sharp enough blades and enough power to quickly break down and dispose of your food waste. You may not need an entirely new unit. Your plumber can sharpen or replace the blades. If the blades are sharp and the unit is still jamming with even small food items, it is most likely is a motor issue.

Your Garbage Disposal is Making Loud Noises
Loud noises or the sound of metal on metal, means the parts have started to move incorrectly and are grating each other. Call your plumber for a tune up before the parts become too worn or put too much strain on the motor and you need to have it replaced.

Your Garbage Disposal is Leaking
Your plumber can determine where the leaks are coming from. If it is an issue with the unit’s seals, they will be able to fix the problem. If there is a crack in the unit itself, it will need to be replaced.

Be sure to take good care of your Garbage Disposal. Place only the recommended food items down it. Keep out items that are too large, hard, fibrous or greasy. Always have a strong stream of water running while unit is operating. And be sure to call Jerry’s Plumbing & Heating for all of your maintenance and replacement needs!

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