Time for a New Toilet?

You may be thinking it’s time for a new toilet because you are having issues with your current one. Perhaps the style or color is outdated. Or, you believe it’s time for a new toilet because you want to conserve water. Whatever your reason, there are few things you should know before contacting your plumber to install a new toilet.

Be aware of current water conservation laws. California requires that toilets average 1.28 gallons per flush (look for a “WaterSense” label). Low flow toilets were known to cause some problems when they first arrived on the scene, but they have improved dramatically. New technology can reduce per person water usage by 35%, without the multiple flushes that the original ones often needed. The law also requires pre 1994 homes be retrofitted with low flow plumbing fixtures by 2017. (for information on California’s conservation laws go to www.energy.ca.gov)

The height of a new toilet can make the difference between loving it, or longing for your old one! Standard toilets have a rim height of 14 or 15 inches. However, many people are now opting for “comfort height” seats of 17 to 19 inches. Try different heights to determine the best fit for you. Bowl shape is also a consideration. A round bowl will take up less space in a small room, but an elongated bowl provides more seating area, and some find it more comfortable.

Often we don’t think about replacing our toilet until we begin having trouble. Multiple flushing or recurrent clogs can signal big problems. These can be very costly if not dealt with promptly and properly. A professional plumber will be able to detect and correct your issue before it becomes a disaster!

Whether you are experiencing issues or just want a new look, Jerry’s Plumbing & Heating are the experts you’ll want to call when it’s time for a new toilet!

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