New water heater benefits

New Year, New Water Heater

Getting a New Water Heater Has Benefits

There is so much to love about getting a new water heater. If homeowners are dealing with a faulty or old water heater, they have nothing to lose by purchasing a new one because a new water heater will bring them benefits. New water heaters are more efficient, have a faster recovery rate, and many take up less space. Homeowners will also notice fewer breakdowns and repairs by replacing old and damaged water heaters. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of investing in a new water heater this new year.  

Efficiency and Cost

An old and outdated water heater can cause significant energy waste. Despite being used just as much as newer, more efficient models, the older model will not perform at the same level. Over time, its efficiency will continue to deteriorate, leading to higher energy bills due to inefficient performance. 

The good news is that there is a way to improve the efficiency of a water heater and save money on energy bills; replace it with a new one. Replacing an old and outdated water heater with a newer model can significantly affect the overall cost of heating water. More recent models are designed to use less energy, meaning homeowners will pay less for water heating. This means they can save money on energy bills while still enjoying warm showers and baths. 

Hot Water Recovery Rate

water showerEveryone has been there. They get in the shower, and the water is cold before they’ve finished washing, not because they wasted the hot water by standing in it but because the hot water runs out too quickly. Not just that, but the time it takes for the hot water to replenish itself again is extremely important. 

Homeowners shouldn’t have to:

  • Deal with cold showers
  • Wait long for the water to get hot after they turn it on
  • Have to wait long between showers for the hot water to replenish

The time it takes for the hot water to replenish is called the hot water recovery rate. The newer the system, the better the recovery rate will be. The recovery rate in old or worn-out systems is a lot slower. 

Energy Efficient and Space Efficient

energy efficient heater Today’s water heaters are more efficient and take up less space than ever before. Tankless water heaters, in particular, are an excellent choice when it comes to home efficiency. These small units can be mounted on a wall instead of taking up floor space like traditional water heaters. This makes them ideal for storage areas with limited space, such as the garage, basement, or closet. Tankless water heaters use up to 30-50% less energy than traditional water heaters because they only heat water as needed, meaning they can save homeowners money on energy bills. 

Tankless water heaters offer many advantages over traditional water heaters. They are more efficient and take up much less space, making them ideal for anyone who wants to save energy and money while freeing up valuable storage space. Additionally, these models are typically more reliable and last longer than traditional storage water heaters.

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