Commonly Asked Questions About Sewer Video Inspection Services

Everything Homeowners Need to Know About Sewer Video Inspection

Now that everyone has a camera on their phone, it should be no surprise that plumbing companies also use small cameras in their business. With cameras getting smaller and smaller but the resolution getting better and better, it’s only natural that industries like plumbing would make use of the modern technology at their disposal. This can mean good news for homeowners, as the trial-and-error method of finding an issue in the plumbing system is a thing of the past. But not every plumbing issue will require a sewer video inspection. This is why it’s good for homeowners to know the basics of sewer video inspection services

What’s Done During Sewer Camera Inspection?

cameraSewer camera inspection is the process of putting a camera into the sewer line to get a look at what could be causing the problems the homeowners are facing. These sewer line cameras are attached to flexible cables that can be pushed through the pipes. They also feature lights to help see into the depths of the plumbing system. They transmit the video signal back to a monitor the plumber can watch while it goes through the line. 

Sewer camera inspection can be done without digging or excavation because plumbers can use an existing access point to get the camera in the sewer line. Sewer video cameras allow plumbers to more accurately diagnose sewer line problems so that they can determine the best solution.   

When Is Sewer Video Inspection Necessary?

clogThere are many reasons a plumber might perform a sewer video inspection. Sometimes, these inspections are used to check out a problem before they do anything else. Other times, they’re used second or third to verify the issue before work goes into fixing it. But there are certainly signs homeowners can look for that indicate the need for these video inspections. 

A slow or clogged drain could benefit from a sewer camera inspection. If the clog is in just one drain, the plumber may want to use the camera to get a look at the blockage. If all the drains in the home are slow or stopped, it usually means that the sewer line is the problem. In this case, a sewer line video inspection is a great way to determine the cause of the clog, like intruding tree roots that can cause more issues than just a clog and what is needed to fix it. Sewer line leaks or damage that may require inspection can result in irregular grass growth in the yard, foul smells, and wet patches in the grass. 

How Is Sewer Video Inspection Beneficial?

The benefits of sewer video inspection services come in many forms. One significant advantage is the ability to identify and locate sewer line issues without using invasive techniques like excavation. In the past, plumbers often had to dig several holes before finding the issue. But with this new technology, it’s possible to pinpoint the problem without making a mess of the yard.  

Sewer video inspection services can also help homeowners understand the health of their plumbing system. It allows plumbers to see the condition of the pipes and any damage from corrosion or an intrusion of tree roots into the pipe that may require sewer line repair or repiping. This technology helps to save homeowners money by allowing plumbers to pinpoint issues without digging and find small problems before they get worse to keep the pipes healthy!

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