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Prepare Heaters for the Colder Months

Heating Preparation Tips

A heating system must be properly maintained and cared for to heat an entire home efficiently. Heaters have a higher chance of breaking down without annual inspections and maintenance, but more can be done so they use less energy and save money. This post will share tips for preventing high energy bills and cold indoor temperatures this fall. 

What Is Heating Maintenance?

Routine heating maintenance and inspections are performed by HVAC technicians and should typically be done in the fall to prepare the heater for more consistent use. HVAC professionals can check the entire heating system to look for problems and fix them before the heater is more heavily relied upon.  

Annual heater maintenance often includes lubricating all the moving components inside the heating system. This reduces friction to cut down on future damage. Technicians will also inspect all electrical or gas connections and safety controls to ensure the heater works safely and correctly. Maintenance on the heater has many benefits, such as longer lifespans, fewer future repairs, better energy efficiency, and reduced energy bills. 

Air Filter Replacement 

air filter Many homeowners forget about replacing their air filters on time because they are not usually visible. However, neglecting to change air filters on time can cause significant problems with the heater, temperature regulation, and efficiency. An air filter works by trapping particles in a screen and preventing pollutants, like pollen and dust, from circulating throughout the home and getting stuck in the heating system. Once the air filter is too dirty, it can no longer work effectively and can block airflow. 

When to change them depends on the household and type of air or furnace filter, but they should typically be changed out at least every three months. Changing a filter can be done quickly and easily by homeowners and provides many benefits, like better energy efficiency and improved indoor air quality. It even helps prevent furnace overheating and can reduce energy bills since dirty air filters make the system work harder and use more energy to heat a home. 

Monitor Energy Usage and Heating Costs

smart thermostatMonthly energy bills allow homeowners to spot problems and see where they can save money, so homeowners should monitor their bills throughout the year. Higher than normal energy bills could point to issues with the heater or neglected maintenance and filter replacements. But if heating costs are consistently high, this could suggest the need to implement a few tips to save. 

There are a few ways to cut down on extra heating expenses, such as installing weatherstripping or a smart thermostat, which, if done before the cold, could help homeowners save significantly. Weatherstripping is a common practice, especially in older homes. It involves adding strips of insulation that can prevent air leaks and drafts and save on energy costs. The most common areas that need weatherstripping include under the doors and around the windows.

Smart thermostat installation is another way to use less energy and save money. These thermostats can be programmed to adjust the temperature automatically at certain times of the day or when household members are not at home to save money. Most smart thermostats also use Wi-Fi so that they can be easily adjusted anytime from a cellphone. 

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