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Find the Cause of Poor Water Pressure in the Shower

Why Is There Low Water Pressure in the Shower?

Few things are more frustrating than dealing with low water pressure in the shower. Not only does this extend the time one has to spend in the shower, but it can even make it feel as though the shampoo and soap don’t get completely rinsed off. Getting out of the shower feeling like there’s a layer of soap still on the skin or in the hair is certainly not fun. It can also dry out the skin and hair if there is still soap or shampoo lingering on the body. But low water pressure isn’t just annoying — it can actually indicate a larger plumbing issue that needs to be addressed by a plumber. Read on to find out how to find common causes of low water pressure in the shower. 

Water Heater Issues

water heater One of the first things homeowners should do if they’re experiencing low water pressure from the showerhead is check to see if the problem is with the hot water only or with both the hot and the cold water. Low water pressure only affecting hot water is likely due to an issue with the water heater. 

If it is just the hot water suffering from low pressure, there are several possible fixes depending on the specific cause. The water pressure could be suffering due to sediment buildup that can occur when water heater maintenance is neglected or sediment buildup that blocks the hot water supply line. It’s best to contact a professional plumber to diagnose and fix the issue. 

A Leak or Clog 

If both the hot and cold water are suffering from poor water pressure,  then it could be a clog or a leak causing the low water pressure. Of course, no homeowner wants to hear that they have a leak somewhere in their plumbing system, but it’s essential to consider this possibility so a plumber can repair them and prevent water damage and high water costs. 

One surefire way to see if there’s a leak is to ensure all the fixtures in the house are off and that no appliances that use water are running. Then, go to the water meter and see if there’s any movement — even slow movement. If the meter is still moving, there’s likely a leak somewhere in the system. If there’s no indication of a leak, it could be a clog causing the water pressure problems. It’s important to call a professional plumber immediately to locate and fix the leak or clog. 

Showerhead Clog

showerheadIf the water pressure issue is with both the hot and cold water but only from the showerhead and no other plumbing fixtures, the problem could be the showerhead itself. The showerhead could have a buildup of sediment clogging the showerhead, causing low water pressure. Often, it’s possible to see this buildup in the holes of the showerhead nozzle. 

If the showerhead does have sediment buildup, there’s something homeowners can do to clear the blockages. They can fill a bucket or a plastic bag with vinegar and soak the showerhead overnight. Then, using a coarse brush to remove any remaining sediment from the holes after the showerhead has soaked is a good way to ensure the water pressure will improve. However, this can also be a good time to upgrade the showerhead to a new water-saving one.

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