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Arroyo Grande 24 Hour Furnace Repair

You might enjoy a cool evening or two after a long, hot summer, but you don’t want those chilly nights to make your home uncomfortable. If your heating system breaks down when you’re counting on it to keep your family cozy, you must decide whether to call for emergency heater repair or to wait it out until you can schedule an appointment.

We always recommend erring on the side of caution and calling for help, but here are the most common heating situations that require immediate attention.

Your Thermostat Won’t Respond
Does your home remain uncomfortably chilly despite what the thermostat reads? First, make sure to check the thermostat’s settings and if it has a battery, check to make sure it’s fresh. If all seems to be working, but the thermostat won’t respond to your inputs, and you can’t get the temperature up, call for help immediately.

Your Furnace Makes Loud Noises
A loud noise coming from your furnace is never a good sign. Whether it’s grinding, squealing, rattling, or buzzing, it means there’s a serious problem, and the longer you go without service, the worse it can get.

You Smell Gas
Owners who use a gas-powered furnace must know the telltale sign of a gas leak. Natural gas has no odor or color, so suppliers add a chemical to give it its distinctive rotten egg or sulfur odor to alert users of a leak. If you smell gas, shut the furnace off, evacuate the house, and call for help as soon as possible from a safe place.

The System Blows Cold Air
It goes without saying that your furnace shouldn’t operate like an air conditioner. If your furnace blows lukewarm or cold air, you need a professional to diagnose the problem and repair it. Depending on how cold it is and how long you may be without heat, this could definitely be an emergency.

If you find that your home is uncomfortably cold and you can’t wait to book an appointment, call the certified professionals at Jerry’s Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning for emergency heating repair.

The Importance of a Heater Tune Up

People always ask if heater maintenance and tune ups are really necessary, and while we don’t want to appear biased, the facts speak for themselves. Yes, heating maintenance and tune ups are essential, and here’s why.

Prevents Costly Repairs
Nobody wants to call an HVAC technician for a furnace repair, especially if it’s expensive. Like a car, your furnace has a lot of parts that wear out over time due to stress and high temperatures, which can cause them to fail. Regular furnace maintenance allows you to identify failing components and replace them to avoid costly breakdowns and repairs.

Your furnace burns fuel to provide you with heat, so even minor problems in the combustion process can expose your family to harmful levels of carbon monoxide or gas leaks. Routine maintenance and inspection ensure your system is safe to run all winter long for your peace of mind.

Cleaner Air
This is especially important for people who suffer from allergies. Most furnace tune ups include complete system cleaning and changing the filter to remove dust, debris, and pet danger, which can cause allergic flare-ups and other breathing problems.

Energy Savings
As the average furnace gets older, it loses efficiency and uses more energy to do its job, causing your gas bills to rise. With routine tune ups and system calibration, you can maintain system efficiency and keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket.

Maintains Your Warranty
Finally, some HVAC manufacturers require you to perform routine maintenance from a trained professional and keep your records for all work performed before they honor your warranty if you ever need service.

Regular furnace maintenance and tune ups save you money and protect your valuable system, making them an essential household chore. Contact the heating professionals at Jerry’s Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning today to learn more.

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