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Santa Maria Commercial HVAC Service

When you need a commercial HVAC contractor, hiring the right company is crucial. A commercial HVAC project is much more involved than residential, with regulations to navigate and deadlines to meet. The following are the most important qualities you should look for when hiring a commercial contractor.

Just because a company advertises they offer commercial services doesn’t mean they have the experience to back it up. Look for a company that has a proven track record of dependable repairs and installations with many years of expertise in the industry to avoid problems, unnecessary costs, and emergency repairs should something go wrong.

Licenses & Certification
Another thing you need is a company that’s licensed and certified to work in your industry. Hiring a NATE-certified technician ensures you get someone that has the required education and training to service your expensive HVAC system.

It goes without saying, but a high-quality commercial HVAC contractor will carry insurance to protect you, and your property should anything go wrong.

Positive Reviews
Today, it’s easy to read customer reviews and experiences online, but it’s best to go beyond that because many online reviews can be fake. To determine whether the company you’re considering is worth the money, check with other business owners and ask about their experience working with them. And, don’t be afraid to ask the company you’re considering for references — run them down and ask them how well they performed.

When it’s time to hire a commercial HVAC service, you can trust the pros at Jerry’s Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning. We have over two decades of industry experience, and our technicians are fully licensed and insured.

If you’re suffering from allergies or respiratory problems, it could be the air you’re breathing. Call Jerry’s Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning and ask about our indoor air quality service.

Call Jerry’s for Commercial AC Repair

Commercial HVAC systems work harder than residential systems, and because of that, they’re prone to wearing out more quickly and breaking down. Unfortunately, many property managers and building owners rely on the skills of their staff or local handyman when they need AC repair, which often does more harm than good.

Amateurs lack the expertise required to diagnose many air conditioner problems properly and perform effective repairs, which could cost you more in the long run. The bottom line is that it’s better for your bottom line to call a professional right off the bat instead of trying to save a few bucks by hiring someone who’s unqualified.

So, how do you know when a problem warrants calling a professional? Here are the most common commercial HVAC issues to watch for.

As mentioned, commercial HVAC units undergo more stress and wear and tear than a residential system. The average lifespan of an industrial air conditioner is about 15 years, so if your system is showing visible signs of rust and is well past its prime, it’s wise to plan on replacing it before it fails.

Frequent Malfunctions
Another sign of an aging HVAC system is when repairs become more frequent. Most systems suffer frequent breakdowns, repairs, and malfunctions in the final years of their lives. So, if your repair expenses are adding up, call a professional HVAC technician to discuss your replacement options.

Rising Energy Costs
As a business owner or property manager, you probably pay attention to every penny you spend. So, when you notice your energy expenses rising, several factors could cause it. If you’ve ruled out an uptick in usage habits, look to your HVAC system as the cause. If you haven’t kept up with annual maintenance and system tune-ups, your system is likely losing efficiency, causing your utility bills to spike.

Poor Airflow
Do you get complaints about how nobody can feel the air coming out of the vents anymore even though the AC is running? If you’ve noticed a drop in airflow, call an HVAC technician to inspect the system and diagnose the problem.

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