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Santa Maria Heater Installation

Your heater is a major, necessary home appliance. And because these systems are expensive to replace, most people try to hold onto their current system longer than they should. However, no matter how well-maintained your heater is, the day will come when you have to replace it.

Here are the telltale signs that your heater has seen better days.

The average lifespan of your heater is between 15 and 20 years. And while that varies depending on your maintenance schedule, once your heater reaches double digits, it’s time to plan on replacing it before it fails.

Increasing Heating Bills
Your heater accounts for a significant portion of your utility bills. And while you can expect increases during the winter, if you notice that your bills are higher than average and show no signs of coming down, it could mean that your heater is losing efficiency. Annual maintenance helps keep your heating bills in line, but it’s usually time to think about replacing your aging heater when they increase dramatically.

Frequent Repairs
Heaters tend to break down more frequently during the last years of their lives. And, like repairing an old car, it doesn’t take long for the repair costs to add up. At some point, it stops making sense to continue throwing money into a heater that’s past its prime and put it towards a new, more reliable unit.

You Can’t Get Comfortable
Do you notice that some parts of your home are warmer than others? When heaters begin breaking down, they lose their ability to distribute heat evenly. Call a certified HVAC technician to determine if this is an issue with the thermostat or the heater itself.

Your Burner Flame is Yellow
If you own a gas-powered furnace, your burner flame should burn bright blue. If it’s any other color, like yellow or orange, it means you have a combustion problem. Often, this is caused by a cracked heat exchanger, and if that’s the case, replacing your furnace is the safest option.

These signs don’t mean you need to replace your heater today, but it’s recommended that you get an assessment from a trained professional and start planning for a replacement.

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Your Trusted Heating Contractor

Because your heater is a necessary household appliance, it’s crucial to have access to a professional heating contractor to provide fast repairs or expert system installation when you need it.

At Jerry’s Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer a wide selection of industry-leading heating solutions. We service most major brands, including Goodman, Day & Night, Daiken, Bryant, Rheem, Ruud, American Standard, Trane, Amana, Lennox, Heil, York, and many others.

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