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Going from scorching summer to cool fall and winter is a nice relief when the seasons change. However, when the temperature drops too much, you don’t want your home to get uncomfortable. At Jerry’s Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, our heating experts are always ready to help, whether you need emergency heater repair, a simple tune-up, or a complete furnace installation.

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Morro Bay Heating Repair Service

Regardless of what heating system you use to keep your family cozy, maintenance and repairs are crucial to ensuring its continued performance and efficiency. Our highly trained and certified technicians are skilled in servicing various systems, including forced air, radiant heat, or geothermal.

And, we understand that sometimes, you can’t wait to book an appointment during regular business hours, which is why our expert technicians are standing by, ready to help when you need 24 hour furnace repair.

Because home heating often accounts for 30-50% of your energy budget, it’s essential to keep your system well-maintained and in top condition to keep your energy expenses as low as possible. Our technicians will perform a thorough system inspection and tune-up to improve efficiency, ensure your indoor air is clean, and extend the system’s lifespan. And, when your heater is past its prime, we can recommend the perfect heating replacement solution to get you the best bang for your buck.

When Do You Need Emergency Heater Repair?

Your heater makes strange noises, or maybe you can’t get comfortable no matter how much you fiddle with the thermostat. Are these heating emergencies? Sometimes it’s difficult to know when you need to call for emergency heater repair and when it’s safe to wait to book an appointment during regular business hours.

Here are a few scenarios that we think warrant calling a professional as soon as possible.

Your Furnace Won’t Power On
If we’ve seen anything over the past few years, it’s that Mother Nature has a way of surprising us. So, when you get unexpectedly cold temperatures, it’s natural to crank up the heat to keep warm. But, when your system refuses to cooperate, there’s no time to wait, and you need to call for help as soon as possible, especially if you have vulnerable family members in the house like young children or the elderly.

Your Furnace Makes Loud Noises
An occasional pop or ping coming from your furnace isn’t cause for alarm. However, if the system emits prolonged loud noises like grinding, buzzing, or rattling, there could be any number of issues causing it, and you need a professional HVAC technician to figure it out.

Discolored Pilot Light
If you have an older furnace, it probably has a pilot light, which should burn bright blue. If it’s any other color, like yellow, orange, or purple, it usually means the system isn’t getting enough oxygen for proper combustion, and you risk carbon monoxide leaking into the house.

Gas Odor
People that use gas appliances are probably familiar with the telltale rotten egg odor that signals they have a gas leak. If you smell gas in the house, get out immediately and call for help from a safe place.

Those are the most common heating problems that we think require emergency repair, but if you’re in a situation where you fear for your safety or want peace of mind, you can always rely on us for 24 hour furnace repair.

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