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Celebrating Black Inventors’ Achievements in HVAC During Black History Month

Meet the Innovators Behind Modern Heating and Cooling Technology During Black History Month, it’s important to recognize and celebrate the contributions of African-American inventors in various fields, including those who revolutionized modern heating and cooling. These trailblazing individuals have significantly improved the comfort of homes and businesses and energy efficiency through their innovations and advancements. […]

How to Find a Reliable HVAC Company During the Busy Season

Three Things Homeowners Should Look for in HVAC Contractors  Everyone’s heard horror stories about unreliable HVAC service people. Missed appointments, exorbitant repair fees, and subpar work make homeowners think twice about reaching out for help. However, this blog will share three important things homeowners should look for to hire a dependable heating and cooling company.  […]

Thanksgiving Plumbing Protection Tips

Don’t Let a Plumbing Emergency Ruin Thanksgiving!  Thanksgiving is the perfect time of year to give thanks to local plumbers for protecting their communities from plumbing disasters. Many people gather during the Thanksgiving holiday to celebrate with their families. It is traditional to enjoy a large Thanksgiving meal during the holiday of giving thanks.  During […]

Heater Maintenance Tips For Fall

Get the Heater Ready For Colder Temperatures Preparing for fall involves more than just shopping for sweaters. With fall comes a drop in temperatures and a rise in heater usage. Maintenance is especially important to keep heaters working efficiently. Finding and taking care of potential problems now will prevent getting stuck in a cold living […]

Benefits of Installing a Water Filtration System

Reasons to Invest In a Water Filtration System Improve the taste of tap water Safer and cleaner drinking water  Saves money Environmentally friendly  Water is one of life’s necessities for cleaning, cooking, bathing, and drinking. Water filtration systems improve water quality by removing contaminants. The most popular type of water filtration system is a reverse […]

Air Conditioning 101: Learn the Basics

What to Know About Central AC (and Other AC Systems) To understand the air conditioning basics, someone doesn’t have to be a licensed HVAC professional. All they need is a few moments of their time, and they can learn important information to help keep their system in good shape. They can also learn what AC […]

The Beginner’s HVAC Manual

HVAC: What is It? HVAC is a system comprised of smaller units for the heating, ventilation, and cooling of a home. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. The HVAC system includes parts such as the furnace, air conditioner, heat pumps, ductwork, thermostats, and other devices that control the home’s temperature. HVAC: What Does […]

What is the Difference Between Hard and Soft Water?

Are you a homeowner in California? If so, you probably know about hard water and deal with it on a day-to-day basis. According to U.S. Geological Survey, 89.3% of homes in the United States are considered to have hard water, with some of the highest levels in California. Although hard water can be found across […]

What is Electronic Leak Detection?

Maybe you’ve heard the term and are wondering, what is electronic leak detection? And how can it help me? Today’s homes are primarily built on concrete slabs, which makes early leak detection difficult. If your water usage fluctuates without incident or you notice an increase in usage, there may be a small to substantial leak […]