Air Conditioning Repairs in Paso Robles

Do you need maintenance or repairs on your air conditioner? Call us at (805)-928-5526 for 24/7 services in Paso Robles.

When you need emergency air conditioning repairs, don’t try to fix the problem yourself. This can lead to larger problems and can even cost you more money. Instead, call for professional services as soon as possible. Call Jerry’s Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning to have our technicians inspect and repair your unit. We offer same-day services to Paso Robles, CA, and the surrounding areas!

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We provide complete cooling services to Paso Robles, including:

  • Emergency cooling repair
  • Commercial cooling services
  • AC tune-up
  • Evaporator coil services
  • Ductless mini split
  • Thermostats

Common AC Emergencies in Paso Robles

Our experienced air conditioning contractors have seen it all when it comes to problems with your systems. Some of the most common AC emergencies they’ve encountered in Paso Robles include:

  • Odd odors coming from your unit.
  • A weak air current coming from the system and through your vents.
  • A circuit breaker that keeps tripping.
  • Malfunctioning fans.
  • A thermostat that isn’t working correctly.
  • An air conditioner that’s not blowing cool air.

What To Ask Your Technician During Air Conditioning Maintenance

When you schedule an annual tune-up on your AC unit, one of the advantages of the services is having the ability to ask the technician questions about your system and the maintenance you should be performing on the unit.

Some of the questions you should ask during a tune-up are:

  • How often should I schedule professional maintenance?
  • What type of filter should I use in the unit?
  • How often should I change the filter?
  • Does my unit use refrigerant?
  • What signs should I look for that can signal my unit needs repairs?

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When To Schedule AC Repairs
One of the keys to keeping your house comfortable in the summer heat is to schedule repairs as soon as you notice symptoms that your unit is malfunctioning. One of the first – and most obvious – signs you might notice is if there is no cool air coming from the unit, or if it is blowing out hot air.

Another obvious sign you might notice is if the unit is making loud or unusual noises, or emitting bad odors. There are a variety of smells you might notice, including a musty odor, a sweet smell, or even a burning odor.

One more sign you can watch for is if your electrical bills start to increase. This can indicate your unit is not working efficiently and something needs to be repaired.

When your system starts to make odd noises or doesn’t seem to be cooling your house efficiently, call Jerry’s Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning at (805) 928-5526 for repairs in Paso Robles, CA. We are family-owned and operated!