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Sometimes, determining the cause of a drain clog can be like finding a needle in a haystack. That’s why our sewer camera inspections are helpful. Our expert plumbers have years of experience providing sewer line video inspection for homeowners throughout Santa Maria, CA.

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Santa Maria Sewer Camera Inspection Services

Your main water and sewer lines are essential to the health of your overall plumbing system. If you have an issue within these lines, you may suffer from drain problems and reduced water pressure. Instead of trying to guess what the problem is, our sewer camera inspection services will quickly get to the bottom. Before we delve into the benefits of regular sewer drain video inspection, let’s look at it and how it works.

A sewer drain camera inspection is a plumbing service that allows plumbers to assess the health of your plumbing system and detect problems like clogs and leaks. This service is helpful because most main water and sewer lines are buried underground, making it challenging to see what’s going on and what condition they’re in without expensive excavation.

How Does it Work?
Sewer drain video inspection sounds complicated, but it’s quite simple. A high-definition camera is attached to a feed line and routed through a plumbing system. The camera sends a video signal in real-time to the plumber, who can monitor the activity via a screen and assess the state of your pipes. The benefit is that you get an accurate depiction of what’s going on in your sewer or water lines without needing to excavate.

When to Call a Plumber for a Sewer Line Video Inspection

Because of advancements in technology, more and more homeowners throughout Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties are utilizing sewer camera inspections. However, a sewer line video inspection isn’t just recommended for spotting clogs and damage; it’s also recommended when you’re considering purchasing a home.

Most potential homebuyers wouldn’t think about purchasing a home without a full general house inspection, but many overlook the sewer and water lines. Imagine buying a home only to find that the sewer system needs to be replaced.

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Common Problems Found With a Sewer Camera Inspection

As we’ve seen, many main water and sewer line problems go undetected because these lines are buried. Often, the only way you know there’s a problem is when a significant event occurs, like a break. Also, most homeowners don’t take the same level of care of their main sewer and water lines as they do with their household drains, so it’s not uncommon for problems to build slowly over time.

Here are the most common sewer problems you can spot with a camera inspection.

Low Areas
Low areas are commonly called sag or belly, and it happens when debris collects in the pipe’s low point, causing a blockage. Sag is typically the result of poor construction or earth movement. In most cases, minor sags don’t require repair, but it’s something you’ll want to keep your eye on.

Offset Pipes
An offset is where two pipes meet but don’t line up correctly and is typically caused by root growth or soil shifting. An offset can block water flow in severe cases, which requires repair.

Tree Roots
Tree roots are a major problem. If you have an older home, chances are the builders who installed the sewer system didn’t account for immature vegetation nearby like trees. Over time, tree roots encroach on sewer and water lines and find their way in to access an easy water source. Once inside the pipe, the roots grow, causing blockages and eventually ruptures.

Many people use a garbage disposal in their kitchens, and because of this, they put things down the drain that should go into the trash, like cooking grease. Grease isn’t water-soluble and builds over time to cause a thick blockage like cholesterol in an artery. When we encounter grease buildup, we usually recommend hydro jetting to get rid of it.

Lastly, cracked pipes are common with clay and cast iron materials, commonly used in homes made over 50 years ago. Depending on how severe the damage is, you may have to replace part or all of the line with newer, more durable materials.

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