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Santa Maria Sewer Pipe Replacement

Your sewer line is an underground maze of pipes that carry wastewater from your home or building to the septic system or municipal water treatment plant. Because your drains connect to the sewer line, building codes require a U-shape pipe called a trap to hold standing water and prevent sewer gas from entering your home or property. If you notice the odor of sewer gas in your home, it usually means the trap has dried up, or the plumbing vents that carry air to the pipes are clogged.

Sewer lines are like any other part of your plumbing system, they wear out as they get older, but that’s not the only problem. We find tree roots a significant issue, causing drainage problems and pipe damage, requiring major repairs or sewer line replacement.

Signs You Need Main Sewer Line Repair

Because your sewer line is buried, it’s challenging to know if it’s damaged. However, there are symptoms you can watch for so you can call a plumber for an inspection. The sooner you catch problems in your main sewer line, the less likely you’ll break the bank paying for a full replacement.

Inconsistent Toilet Water Levels
If you notice that the water levels in your toilet fluctuate from day to day, be aware that this is a sign there’s a clog in your main sewer line.

Animal & Critter Infestation
When animals, rodents, and other critters decide that your yard is the perfect place to gather, you must ask yourself why. Sometimes, leaks in your main sewer line attract the wrong kind of visitors to your property.

Sewage Odor
If you notice a sewer odor around your property, you can bet that there’s a leak or break in the main sewer line. Don’t take the chance with leaking sewage; call a professional plumber as soon as possible.

Water Pooling in the Yard
When a sewer line ruptures, the wastewater has nowhere to go but up, causing soggy patches and pooling. Also, look for areas of your yard that are lusher and growing more quickly than the rest because it’s likely you have a sewer main break.

Slow Drains
A single slow drain in the house means you have a blockage in a particular pipe. However, if you notice drains emptying slowly throughout the house, it’s a good sign that you have trouble in your sewer line.

Gurgling Noises
A plunger probably isn’t the answer if you hear gurgling noises coming from the tub or shower drain when you flush the toilet. Call a professional plumber to diagnose the problem and inspect your main sewer line.

Not all of these problems mean you need to replace your sewer line, but you do need to call an experienced plumbing company to determine the cause and devise a solution.

If your main sewer line is in bad shape, call us and find out how our trenchless sewer pipe replacement can help.

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Whether you need sewer line inspection, repairs, or a complete replacement, our experts have the tools and training to handle it all. Our professional plumbers perform work that’s up to all current codes and regulations so that you can rest easy knowing the work will stand up to scrutiny.

When you suspect you have a sewer line issue, we’ll analyze your entire plumbing system to pinpoint the problem by visually inspecting the surrounding area and using advanced tools like sewer video cameras to see the condition of the pipe’s interior without excavating. Once we determine the problem, we’ll devise a solution that fixes the problem and conforms to your budget.

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