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Santa Barbara Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

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Sewer Replacement

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Sewer Pipe Restoration

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Trenchless Sewer Replacement

Sewer lines are an underground maze of plumbing pipelines that route sewage or wastewater from homes and commercial buildings to municipal treatment facilities for disposal or are equipped with an independent septic system. Before your plumbing system was ever installed, it was meticulously planned out to use gravity to help the flow of wastewater down a series of pipes aided by vents to eventually reach the sewer. All of the wastewater from your home or business flows from its individual drain to the main drain system which connects to the sewer or septic tank. Wastewater that enters the plumbing system’s drains must first flow through a u-shaped pipe called a trap that holds standing water to prevent sewer gases from entering your home or business. Local city and state plumbing codes require all drains have a drain trap. If you notice sewer gases escaping from your drains, your plumbing trap may have dried up requiring water to be poured into it to refill its levels back to normal. It’s also important that the plumbing vents on your roof that help bring air to the pipes remain free and clear to prevent stoppages. Sometimes birds’ nests and leaves can cause these vents to clog.

Naturally, sewer lines deteriorate with age, but tree root intrusion, debris, and various inflow problems can make matters worse. That’s why it’s important to call a licensed professional plumber when you need repairs, replacements, and routine maintenance. With decades of experience providing Santa Barbara County with the most complete sewer services, the technicians at Jerry's Plumbing, Heating, & Air Conditioning can handle any issue, big or small, so give us a call today at 24 Hour Emergency: (800) 697-8875.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sewer Lines

What causes sewer odors inside the house?
Sewage has a natural tendency to produce dreadful odors. Modern plumbing systems are designed to prevent these odors from drifting back into the house by using vapor traps. If you are experiencing odors indoors, it is likely a problem with one of your drains’ traps. If this problem persists, call us and we’ll be glad to help get your home smelling pleasant again.

Sewage is backing up into my house through my drains. What should I do?
If this problem occurs and you do not have the water running, there might be a problem with the city’s main. Santa Barbara residents should call El Estero Wastewater Treatment Plant at (805) 568-1010 to request service. San Luis Obispo residents should call the City of San Luis Obispo Emergency Sewer Overflow at (805) 781-7215. If you are running the water, stop and turn off all of your faucets. If the overflow of wastewater ceases after turning them off, then you likely have a problem with your private sewer system. Give us a call and we will help get you sorted out right away.

Water drains slowly through my toilets and drains. What’s going on?
Check if your neighbors are also having similar drainage problems. If so, call the city at (805) 568-1010 and they will check the mains. If the city doesn’t have a problem, then give us a call and we can help you with your property’s sewer lines.

What purpose do vapor traps serve?
Every drain in your home uses some sort of vapor trap. This gooseneck-shaped pipe can be seen under sinks and other lines draining to the sewage system. The “U” shape holds water, preventing sewer gases from drifting back into your house.

Why does my home have roof vents?
Homes have vents that connect your plumbing system to the roof. These vents allow the plumbing systems to breath and improve water flow through your pipes. Roof vents work in combination with the p-traps to safely vent sewer gases through the roof.

How do I identify if my drainage problems are with my sewer lines or the city sewer system?
Typically, slow draining water is caused by problems within your home’s private sewer lines. If all of your home’s drains are backing up, it’s more likely that the problem is related to the city’s sewer system. If you have only one or two drains backing up, give us a call and we can help get your water flowing again. Otherwise, call the city’s wastewater department and they will come out to access the problem.

Jerry’s Plumbing Is Ready To Help

From detecting and inspecting to complete repairs, we have the training and the tools to take care of it, all while adhering to municipal codes and regulations. Our first step in analyzing the plumbing situation is to pinpoint the location of the problem. Not only do we inspect the surrounding area manually, but we also utilize today’s modern techniques of sewer inspection with video equipment. This allows us to see inside the sewer lines without causing unnecessary property damage. Once the location of the problem has been determined, we will plan out the most effective course of action. Before any work is done, you will be given all of the information necessary as well as complete work estimates.

No matter what the cause, Jerry's Plumbing, Heating, & Air Conditioning employs the most cost-effective techniques to locate and clear your sewers and drains thoroughly and at the lowest possible price. Plumbing is one of our specialties and we have decades of experience perfecting our technique. Give us a call today at (800) 697-8875 for a free estimate and to find out why we’re the best.