Santa Barbara Air Conditioning Installations

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How To Make Sure Your Hire the Right AC Installation Company

Purchasing and installing a new air conditioner is a big undertaking. To ensure your unit is installed correctly, it’s essential to hire the right company and AC contractor.
Some keys to look for when selecting a company are:

  • Do your research. Have an idea of what services you need, have a few models in mind that you’re interested in, look at some pricing, and then ask questions to see if the company’s answers align with what you found. This will help you weed out any companies that don’t have your best interests in mind.
  • Ask for recommendations. Ask your neighbors and friends who they’ve used for their installations.
  • Look at their experience. Make sure the contractor is experienced and knows how to accurately install a new system.
  • Search for reviews. Go online and check the company’s reviews and feedback from previous customers.

What To Look For in Your Air Conditioning Installation Proposal

Purchasing a new air conditioner is a large investment. When your AC installation company provides you with a proposal for the work, it’s essential to read it thoroughly and look for a few key details:

  • The total cost. One of your biggest concerns is likely going to be the total cost of the project. Make sure you understand the quote and what it all includes.
  • Check to see if the work or the unit is under warranty, and for how long.
  • Make note of the timeline for getting the unit and having it installed.
  • Look for if there are any maintenance program offers or any other add-ons included in your purchase.
  • Check to see if they offer financing. This can help make the installation and new unit more cost-efficient.

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Why Getting the Right-sized AC Unit Matters

When you purchase a new air conditioner, one of the first decisions you will need to make is how large of a unit to get for your house. It is very important to get the right-sized unit. For one, you need to ensure it fits in the space you have available. It will also impact your unit’s efficiency. If the system is too small for your property, it will have to run more often to cool your home – resulting in more wear and tear on the unit, and higher energy bills. If the unit is too large, it will actually cool your home too quickly, which will prevent it from removing humidity from your property.

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