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When homeowners in Santa Barbara need a dependable emergency plumber, they turn to Jerry’s Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, and our 24 hour plumbing repair service.

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Jerry’s Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning has served homeowners throughout Santa Barbara with expert plumbing repairs, maintenance, and installations for over two decades.

As a locally owned and operated company, we offer top-rated customer service and perks you can’t get from the national chains, including:

  • Clean, prompt, professional technicians
  • Reasonable rates
  • Same-day service
  • On-time arrival

Whether it’s a clogged drain, a failing hot water heater, a burst pipe, or anything in between, you can always count on our experts to be there when you need them.

Contact us today at (805) 928-5526.

Santa Barbara Emergency Plumbing Repair

You can call a 24 hour plumbing service company day or night, but should you? Sometimes it’s difficult to know when to call for help now or when it’s safe to wait to schedule an appointment. We always recommend erring on the side of caution when in doubt, but if you’re facing one of the following scenarios, it’s best to call an emergency plumber now.

Burst Pipe
A burst pip can quickly leak hundreds of gallons of water into your home. So, the longer you wait, the worse the damage gets. If you can, shut off the water at the main valve and call a plumber as soon as possible.

Overflowing Toilet
When a toilet overflows, it can introduce contaminants, germs, and pathogens into your home, affecting your family’s health. Like a burst pipe, if your toilet overflows and won’t stop running, shut the water off at the main and call for help immediately.

Clogged Drains
A single clogged drain typically isn’t an emergency; however, if you have multiple blocked drains throughout the house, it usually means you have a clog in the main sewer line, and that’s a problem that can’t wait. When wastewater has nowhere to go, it can flow back up through your drains, bringing raw sewage into the house.

Leaking Water Heater
Many people don’t think about their water heaters and don’t notice the signs of failure. And one of those signs is water leaking. When water leaks from the tank, it means it’s about to fail and cause a flood. So, if you see water pooling around the hot water tank, don’t wait; call for emergency help as soon as possible.

Your first instinct when facing a plumbing emergency may be to hit up YouTube or the internet for an answer, but it’s better to call a professional for emergency plumbing repair as soon as possible to minimize damage.

Our Hot Water Tank Services

Having hot water at home isn’t a luxury — for most Americans, it’s a necessity. Your water heater works day and night to provide you with on-demand hot water, and because of that, it’s prone to wear out if you don’t keep it properly maintained. Knowing the signs that your water heater is in trouble is essential to call for repairs or replacement before the system fails. Here’s what to watch for.

Unusual Sounds
It’s not normal for your water heater to make noise when it’s running, so if you hear loud banging, popping, or gurgling noises, it means there’s a problem. Usually, these noises are caused by sediment buildup, and you may need to flush the tank to solve the problem.

Not Enough Hot Water
Have you noticed that you have to cut your morning showers shorter because the hot water doesn’t last as long as it used to? As your water heater ages, it can’t provide the amount of hot water as it did when it was new. Sometimes, a tune-up can solve the problem, but in most cases, you’ll have to replace the tank.

Your water heater has an interior lining to protect against corrosion; however, water and steel don’t mix, and eventually, the tank will begin to rust. Once rust takes hold and breaks through to the outside, there’s nothing you can do besides replacing the water heater.

Finally, water leaks are a sign of a compromised water heater. If you notice water pooling around the tank’s base, it means that failure is imminent, and you must call a professional as soon as possible to discuss your replacement options.

Call Jerry’s Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning for all of your plumbing repair and installation needs.

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