Santa Ynez Air Conditioning Installations

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Why Installing a Central AC System Is Not a DIY Project

You can do many tasks for your air conditioner, like changing the air filter, unclogging a block in the drainage tube, clearing debris from the system, and others.

However, installing a central air conditioner is not recommended – unless you happen to be a licensed technician.

This is a job best left to the pros!

Installing a system requires specialized skills in electrical work, ductwork, piping, and more. It’s essential to properly connect your system to make sure it works correctly. Plus, you may need permits to complete the project.

If you attempt to install the unit and fail, it can lead to a costly mistake! For one, if you do the work yourself it could void any manufacturer warranties. It can also require you to call a professional to fix your errors.

Instead, call a professional from the start to handle your installation!

How To Plan For Your Air Conditioning Installation

After purchasing a new air conditioner, it’s time to get to work planning for your installation! This can be a large project. While most of the work will be handled by AC contractors, there are some steps you can take to make sure you’re ready for installation day.

First, make sure you are clear on if there is anything the contractor needs you to do. A big one is if they are expecting you to obtain any permits. Typically the contractor will handle this, but make sure before you just assume, and then the work is delayed.

You should also complete any paperwork you need to ensure the project can start as soon as the technicians arrive.

You also need to know where the unit is going to be installed and can clean out the area to remove any debris and other obstacles.

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AC Installations: Do I Need Duct Work?

When you schedule an air conditioning installation, don’t be surprised if the technicians first inspect your ductwork. They will ensure your ducts are working, cleaned, and will also determine if any work needs to be completed.

If you already have a furnace or central AC system, any work needed should be minimal. They might just need to make a repair or add another return line.

If you do not currently have ducts installed, expect your contractor to need to install them. You can work with the pros to determine where to put them so you don’t need extensive drywall repairs.

When you need to install a new air conditioner, leave the work to the pros. Call Jerry’s Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning at (805) 928-5526 for installations and replacements in Santa Ynez, CA. We guarantee satisfaction with every job!