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Why You Need a Professional To Repair Refrigerant Leaks

Is there moisture leaking from your air conditioner? Before you grab a towel and wipe it up, you need to take caution as it can be refrigerant. Instead, you need to call in the experts to handle the moisture and fix the leak. This is a professional job and not a DIY project because technicians can:

  • Locate and repair the leak.
  • Add high-quality refrigerant to properly fill the system. A professional will know what type to add for the best results.
  • Ensure the right amount of refrigerant is added. Adding too much can damage the system and require a replacement.

Benefits of Timely Evaporator Coil Services

Without a functioning evaporator coil, your air conditioner cannot properly cool your house. If you suspect your component isn’t working correctly, it’s important to call for repair services right away. Some benefits of timely services can include:

  • Money savings: Detecting an issue with your component early can allow you to possibly repair the component instead of replacing it, or catch the problem while the part is still covered under warranty. If the component needs a major repair, you should ask the technician if it is more cost-effective to replace the part rather than repair it.
  • Increased comfort: Getting your unit repaired in a timely manner can help you avoid interruptions in the usage of your air conditioning system.
  • Energy reduction: Having the unit repaired ASAP can allow you to save energy. When the coil malfunctions the AC system might continue to run, but the unit will use more energy than usual to try to keep the house at a comfortable temperature.

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Benefits of Installing Ductless Mini Split Systems

Instead of installing a standard central air conditioning system, there is a more energy-efficient unit you might want to consider – a ductless mini split system. This unit can provide a lot of advantages, including:

  • Lower utility bills: This system increases efficiency resulting in lower monthly energy costs.
  • Zoned cooling: This unit lets you set various temperatures in every room throughout your property.
  • Easy installation: These systems can be installed easily by a professional as they do not require ductwork or other major alterations to your property.
  • Quiet operation: These units do not make as much noise when they operate as forced-air systems.
  • Takes up less space: These units are very sleek and can be installed virtually anywhere, typically on a wall or ceiling.

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